Freecall 1800

Nothing says big player like a ‘toll free’ or ‘free call’ number

No Contracts. No Hidden fees. No downtime.

What is a 1800 number?

1800 numbers are different to 1300 numbers as your business covers the customers’ call costs

  • a great incentive for driving volume.

They allow your customers to call you anywhere in Australia on a central number. You can then connect the calls to any landline, mobile or VoIP number. And like all our services, they come with the added benefit of call reports so you can track things like customer insights and marketing ROI.

Why Think Pickle Telecom?

Our solution is designed to be flexible because no two businesses are exactly alike. Configure any callflow, from the simplest to the most complex, connect calls to any phone number with tons of amazing routing features. Everything is possible.

We have a proven and leading call management platform by partnering with only Tier 1 carriers, we ensure maximum reliability and great call quailty. With our 99.99% uptime guarentee and uncapped calling ability we ensure our robust technology delivers for your business.

Routed to Landline
Routed to Mobile
Landline Base
Call cost: 15c/min
Call Analytics
Optional Call Flows (+$10)
Most Popular
Landline Plus
Call cost: 10c/min
Call Analytics
Optional Call Flows (+$10)
Voicemail to email
Landline Pro
Call cost: 8c/min
Call Analytics
Optional Call Flows (+$10)
Voicemail to email

Call Handling

Call Overflow

With Call overflow you can direct your incoming calls to an alternative telephone number when the original telephone number is busy or not answered within 15 seconds. Calls can be overflowed up to three times.

We recommended that Voicemail to Email is used as the final Call Overflow to ensure you never miss a call.

Included features

Our included features will change the way you do business using state of the art technology offering consistent feature capability which are robust, scalable, Flexible, feature rich and network integrated.

  • Call Schedules
  • Calanders
  • Call Overflow
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call Analytics
  • Restricted Call Access
  • Local Support
Local Area Manager

Enables you to have several call collection areas within the capital cities based on Australia’s telephone exchange boundaries and mobile collect areas. There are approximately 5000 exchange and 205 mobile areas to choose from. This is a more flexible way of managing call traffic and offers you greater call collection granularity than Area Manager.

For example you could have all calls west of Sydney CBD answered at the Parramatta office, all calls North of Sydney CBD answered at the North Sydney office and all calls south of Sydney CBD answering at the Rockdale office.

And More

Restricted Call Access

Fed up with calls from over-zealous salesmen and nuisance customers? Pickle’s restricted call access is a smart way to reduce unwanted calls to your business. Standard in our intermediate and advanced phone packages, you can use it to block inbound calls to your virtual number from a wide variety of sources.

Also need outbound calls? You need a Phone System.
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