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Call Analytics

Call Analytics provides details ranging from near-time metrics for individual phone numbers to account-wide historical trends and aggregates to assist in marketing campaign performance, call handling reports, and identifying emerging trends.

These insights enable you to have an end-to-end knowledge of call trends, no matter how the call is made or received and help with marketing campaigns and staff performance insights.

Free call analytics on all numbers!

Track how your number is performing week to week, month to month. Find out who your customers are and how well your marketing is working.

What’s included?

Pattern analysis

Understand how total calls, unique callers, regions, and device type impact call trends. Segment marketing campaigns and call completion statistics to quickly appreciate your performance.

Dashboards and REST API* access

Get data most conveniently for your team. Visualise quality metrics in the Call Analytics dashboard or integrate Voice Insights into your own dashboards using Segment or Pickle’s REST API.

Flexible reporting

Slice and dice data the way you want. Look through a summary of calls and segment by campaign, area code, customer types, or dive into the details of a single call.

Track dropped calls

Use call completion metrics and “who hung up” metrics to troubleshoot lost call issues and improve analytics about agent performance in a contact centre.

Measure participant experience

Put yourself in the caller’s shoes. Call setup events and performance metrics are broken out by each call participant, providing a complete picture of the caller’s experience.

Look towards the future.

Historical data is a valuable asset for long-term planning. New product release on the horizon? Examine data from the last two years release to help prepare.

Advertise with confidence

Advanced analytics not only help you identify bottlenecks and other call handling issues but understand your callers from marketing campaigns and see what’s working.

Whitelabel our insights

Make our dashboards yours and provide them to your teams or clients. They’ll be able to follow their lead’s journey from the marketing initiative that sparked their interest and through to the phone call and beyond.

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What do the call reports show?

Lots of metrics for your call activity. Reports include time and date, caller ID, number dialed, duration, call type, and more. You can view all calls or narrow your search to only include specific information.

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