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SMS Messages

SMS Messages, better known as business texting, lets you conveniently send and receive text messages on your business mobile number rather than your personal number.

Provide quick updates to customers, confirm appointments, and reply back using the same recognisable number you take business calls on. Try it out!

What’s included?

Inbound Text

Receive and respond to inbound text (SMS, or short message service) messages from customers. Inbound texts automatically appear in our portal, and agent replies are sent as texts.

Outbound Text

Send outbound texts in response to your customers’ texts, or create flows to send proactive outbound texts using CRM data and notifications.

Text Notifications

Use triggers to automatically send SMS notifications to customers or agents based on tags or actions.

Text Workflows

Apply time-saving tools like macros, triggers, and other business automations — so you can scale up your text support easily. More flexible, so you can do you.


Deploy a customizable autoresponder to greet incoming texts with a personalized message.

SMS Chatbots

Let bots do the work while you sleep. Build the bot that fits your customers’ needs, and leave you to do you.

Distribute Leads

Jump on leads faster than you can say Pickle. Instantly ensure sales representatives contact leads who submit online forms.

SMS Reminders

Trigger appointment reminders via Zappier or a REST API request from a database or CRM. Choose the medium for your message.

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Can I send text internationally?

Only in Australia for now. With very few exceptions, Pickle business texting works for mobile numbers only. We’re also looking to add more countries, so stay tuned!

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