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13 Numbers

13 numbers are fast becoming the ‘must-have’ for large businesses of all shapes and sizes. Apart from only having six digits and delivering you a vast range of helpful business benefits, a 13 business number comes with a jar full of features and more functions that other phone numbers simply can’t match, Great Huh!

At Think Pickle we are the experts when it comes to a 13 number service. So if you are ready to purchase a 13 number in Australia with one of Australia’s most trusted providers of 13 toll-free numbers, let us show you what a local call 13 number can do for your business. Getting a phone number for your business really couldn’t be easier when you come to Think Pickle. We’ve got some of the best dills, sorry, deals around, and will have you up and running within moments.

So If you want to attract customers from outside of your local area, a 13 number could be the best option for your business. 13 numbers will boost your Business Image as it makes you seem like a big deal, and nothing says a serious player like a toll-free number.

The best thing about 13 number costs is you already know what you’re paying and so do your customers, no bill shock here!

Got your heart set on a 13 number? We can help. Simply search for the number that works for you, or choose a number from our selection of ready to go numbers here.

So, if you’re sitting there thinking “Right on! I need that 13 business number now!” your wish is our command. Thanks to our cloud-based platform, there is no software or hardware to worry about and you can get set up right away, and we’ll even show you to your very own Pickle Portal to manage your 1300 business number in real-time. See that’s why we call it Simply Awesome!

13 phone numbers can be random digits or even words – numbers that use words (like 13 BANK) are called phone words.

They are a premium service and are subject to annual government charges.


Improved Call Management

With advanced call routing features such as Area Code Manager, Mobile Manager, Call Overflow, and Time and Day Manager, you can ensure that your incoming calls are directed to the right place at the right time, helping to improve the efficiency of your call management process.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The Silver Service and CCD Manager features allow you to provide a superior customer experience to your most valued customers, by directing their calls to a specific answer point and providing a more personalised level of service.

A few of our features

Here’s just a few of the most popular features that we believe every Australian business needs and deserves. Click on the icons below for a taste of how you can take control of your communications using some of our most sought-after enhancements available with a virtual phone number from pickle.

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13 Numbers Australia

The Think Pickle 13 number plans are just what you need, Think Pickle is among the trusted 13 service providers in Australia. For us It’s about going above and beyond to empower you our customers - We aim to give you relevant tools to help your business succeed. Acting as a true partner in your mission - whatever it may be. It’s about staying ahead of market trends - investing in technology and innovative solutions to offer you Simply Better products. We know we’re not the only 13 number service providers in the country, but we aim to go over and above.

For us, It’s about being friendly, transparent and fair and unlike some of our competitor 13 number providers - remembering that we started Think Pickle to do good by businesses and more importantly the people behind them. The best part is that Getting a 13 phone service is simple with Think Pickle. Use our 13 number search tool to pick a business phone number or obtain a quote for a 13 phone word, then select a plan that helps your business grow, sign up online and start receiving inbound calls on the phone you already have.

See why so many Australian businesses choose Think Pickle and our Simplistic yet awesome solutions, to scale their business and all-round business communication needs.

13 Numbers Cost

So you might be sitting there thinking how to get a 13 number or how much is a 13 number?

Well, you are in luck, because at Think Pickle we have made it super easy to get a 13 number and set up a 13 number. It’s all done in our cloud. So to purchase 13 numbers on our site you simply select the number that works for you, select the billing option that suits, and enter your payment details. That’s it you’re on your way to buying your very own 1300 number Australia.

Your 13 inbound number gives your business that edge you’ve been looking for

13 numbers are 6-digit Australia wide numbers where the caller is charged a local call rate when dialling from an Australian phone line, including mobiles. And that’s why they’re often referred to as Local Rate Numbers.

13 number charges allow you to juggle your bills more effectively. 13 numbers Australia costing are the same no matter what local area prefix your calling from. The numbers are used for incoming calls only and can be answered on either a landline or a mobile phone that you already have. So no more of that how to get a 13 number Australia, we have given you all you need.

All you need to do is say get a 13 number for my business. Never miss a customer call or sales opportunity again. Make your business stand out from the crowd.

Start making the most of every conversation