You’ll be more 5 x more memorable with words.

Phone words are leading to increased brand awareness, customer engagement, sales opportunities and ultimately increased revenue.

Phone words make your business stand out

Phone word options provide a consistent brand identity throughout your marketing mix. Phone letter words replace numbers on the alphanumeric keypad of your telephone. In today’s fast-paced world, research tells us that we do not remember phone numbers; basically, we don’t have the time, or we couldn’t be bothered.

Add a phone word to your 1300, 1800 Number and be the one to get the call first

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How to get a phone word number

Pick a Solution
Select our Simply Awesome All In One phone solution or pick the Ultimate solution designed to empower business
Choose your Call Plan
Choose from our tailored call plans designed to work with pickles business solutions, options like no lock-in contracts and unlimited call options.
Pick a Number
Search for your available number on the number lookup tool in the get connected process, or add a Simply Awesome Phone word Bolt-on.
Get Connected
Provision your number and get you up and running, we will add your solution to your call plan and number and get you up and running in no time.

1300 Phone Words

So you’ve got a big, beautiful brand. Now let’s tell the world!

We already know that most words are more memorable than strings of numbers, though what’s remarkable is that consumers are five times more likely to remember a phone word than a traditional phone number. 1800 phone words and 1300 word numbers are easy and affordable solutions that can deliver more leads when used consistently across the marketing mix. .

Let’s play a little game!

What is more memorable for you?

1300 Pickle or 1300 742 553

Consider Phone Words if any of the below benefits excite you!

  • Higher retention rates, we may not want to admit it, but customers are usually rushed and forget who they used last time. That’s when being memorable is key!
  • It’s awesome for all your online tools like Google ADS and SEO. This means that if you own 1300 builder it will be much easier to rank for the term “builder” which is a very popular search term.
  • Track campaigns with precision and the ability to split incoming calls across different answering points in the Pickle Portal.
  • Improved ‘word of mouth’ advertising from signs, business cards and packaging
  • Five times the recall rate of numbers
  • Expand your reach with a 1300 or 1800 telephone number for clients nationwide.

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