Phone Words


What are Phone words?

Nothing says big player like your very own phone word. A phone word is a phone number that spells out a memorable word or phrase. like 1300-Pickle! They can be used to create a recognisable brand names like 1300 ZIPPAY or an easy-to-remember numbers for use in all your markeritng requirements. Thats 1300-Genius!

They are a great way to make sure you don’t lose a sales due to a forgotten number. Custom phone numbers are available with toll-free & 1300 numbers.


How to get a phone word number:
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Search for an available phone word number on the number lookup tool or obtain a phone word quote.

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The benefits

You’ve got a big, beautiful brand. Tell the world!

If you’re deciding on whether to get a phone word number, there are many benefits which will help you grow your brand awareness and grow your overall business. Advertising is important, but effective advertising is the key to success.

  • Build a business identity that people won’t soon forget.
  • Make your business cards, website and brand more recognisable.
  • A cohesive brand identity says you’re dependable, and you’re there for good.
  • Generate more leads – studies show that phone words drive more traffic.
  • Expand your reach with a 1300 or toll-free number for clients nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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