1300 Numbers mean business

A custom inbound 1300 smartnumber recognised all over Australia as the local rate phone number to say you’re in business.

1300 Business Numbers, yeah we do those here too

pickle’s 1300 Business Phone Numbers are designed to give you an edge over your standard business phone number. Your 1300 virtual number comes with some pretty cool features. Give yourself a National Presence with one number that applies to all Australian States. Fixed Cost calling is also an added bonus with a 1300 Business Phone Number, giving you better control over your running costs, and better convenience to your customers. Be in control of your calls with the ability to have detailed analytics to better manage business performance and capabilities. But this is just the start of what you can do. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then its time to Think pickle!

Power your 1300 Number with one of pickle’s customer solutions below.

What are 1300 Numbers & how do they work?

Watch Mr pickle explain what a 1300 number is and how they work in this short video. See what features and benefits actually mean for business communication and in just a couple of minutes, know if a 1300 number is right for you.
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Our solution

Connect your number to our Classic solution to increase call completion and customer satisfaction

How to get a 1300 number

Pick a Solution
Pick from our Simply Awesome Solutions designed to empower business from Classic Support to the Ultimate Engagement and even All In One.
Choose your Call Plan
Choose from our tailored call plans designed to work with pickles business solutions, options like no lock-in contracts and unlimited call options.
Pick a Number
Search for your available number on the number lookup tool in the get connected process, or add a Simply Awesome Phone word Bolt-on.
Get Connected
Provision your number and get you up and running, we will add your solution to your call plan and number and get you up and running in no time.
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Your Trusted Partner

pickle is among the trusted 1300 service providers in Australia. For us It’s about going above and beyond to gibe you our customers a fairer go - We aim to give you relevant tools to help your business succeed. For us it’s about staying ahead of market trends - investing in technology and innovative solutions to offer you Simply Better products. We know we’re not the only 1300 number service providers in the country, but we aim to go over and above.

1300 Number Frequently Asked Questions

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