We have solved the nbn lift phone problem for Strata

pickle is a Strata Solutions Specialist. With a dedicated account management team, we are working with Australia’s leading Strata companies. We offer Telephone, nbn Lift Phones, Alarm & Duress lines with constant monitoring and support.

Lift Emergency phones and a whole lot more

pickle’s range of Simply Awesome Strata products and services that are at the forefront of innovation. It’s just what you need to manage your building communications, no matter what predicament you find yourself in. We offer support across many of the requirements for Strata buildings, things like telephony, nbn lift phones, alarms and monitoring. We also provide around the clock support and will maintain the equipment for life. Put pickle to work in your buildings and let us remove those Strata building pain points.

We wanted to offer a fuss-free maintenance solution, we know you have enough headaches with the running of your building’s day-to-day.

Being stuck in a lift is not fun.

Don’t get stuck with a lift phone that won’t work with the rollout of nbn. When we have a wireless mobile solution for your Strata buildings.

Your emergency lift phone can be managed and monitored 24/7 in the MyPickle Portal in real-time. With redundancy in the event of a power outage or blackout, our strata solutions keep working for you.

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The technology we use is Simply the Best!

Our latest range of wireless communication gateways come with Dual 4G SIM capability as standard. Providing a reliable and simplistic standalone solution in place of conventional analog or digital phone lines.

Our Service Features

  • The Pixel Wireless Communication Gateway (EM-4GE2/4L) is specifically built for buildings in nbn™ network areas or similar.
  • Complete standalone solution.
  • Compatible with all wireless mobile networks Australia-Wide.
  • Options to suit FTTP, FTTN, FTTB and VoIP gateway connections.
  • Installation can be migrated without any interruption to your existing services.
  • Configurable with the option of two mobile network modules designed to constantly monitor each other.
  • System status reporting of all faults, alarms and the battery status via SMS notification.
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nbn Lift migration

As the nbn rolls out across Australia, the traditional copper ADSL and PSTN phone lines are being shut down which means any emergency lift phone services left operating on the old network will in time be switched off and disconnected. Upgrading cabling and hardware can be a complicated, expensive and time-consuming dilemma for owners and managers of strata buildings migrating to the nbn to solve. Don’t panic! pickle has a comfortable, seamless and stress-free solution for the nbn lift phone problem that ensures your lift is connected to the outside world.Our 4G lift phone system using hardware powered by Pixel will get you out of this pickle with no upfront fees, easy installation and uses two independent mobile networks with multiple backups, we even maintain the equipment for life. Great huh!

We’re all ears!

That’s ok we have dedicated humans who take care of everything Strata.

Let’s start with the address details of your building, this will allow us to run our compatibility tests. We’ll come back you within 24 hours with the best tried and tested solution for you.

How to register your lift phone?

You need to register your building’s lift phone with nbn because any unregistered services on the existing network could be disconnected and stop working.

To avoid leaving your passengers trapped in a lift without a way to call for help, pickle recommends that you register your building with nbn now. Registering your building’s existing lift phone service with nbn is quick and easy. Just visit the nbn Fire and Lift Register.

You will need to provide the following information to nbn to register:

  • The address of the premises
  • The name and contact details of the person responsible for the lift phone
  • The telephone number for the lift phone on the existing network along with any additional information such as the specific location of the lift phone

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Lift Phone Rules & Regulations

All building owners, managers and body corporates have defined responsibilities and obligations under Australian law for migrating lift phone services to the nbn. We’re trusted by Australia’s leading Strata companies such as Bright and Duggan to deliver lift, alarm and monitoring services across hundreds of sites. We will ensure you meet the relevant building codes and standards with a lift phone compliant under Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) regulatory requirements.

For more information, download the Good Practice Guide.

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