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Flow Builder

Flows is a visual interface that anyone can use to drag-and-drop their way to all kinds of engagement experiences, such as IVR phone trees, chatbots, or notification workflows.

You can design and deploy a new appointment reminder service for your business, add SMS chat customer service to your contact centre, or even upgrade your IVR phone menu to support speech recognition.

It’s all made easy using an intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor with a library of templates to start from.

What’s included?

Build faster with serverless architecture

Your phone numbers run on Pickle’s serverless architecture, saving you from expensive equipment purchases and giving you unlimited scale.

Communicate on any channel

You need the right tools to turn creative ideas into seamless communications. Flow’s widgets offer you ready-made communication workflows for any channel.

Integrate Flows into your ecosystem

Pipe data into and out of Flows via webhooks to any third party system or custom infrastructure.

Production–ready flows is a click away

Flow’s out–of–the–box templates perform everyday tasks like forwarding calls, automatically replying via SMS, sending notifications. Add your customer data to perform complex and custom tasks.

IVR Phone Trees

Build a responsive IVR with drag and drop widgets. Flag VIP customer accounts, create conversations and sort customer data the way you need it.

SMS Reminders

Trigger appointment reminders via Zappier or a REST API request from a database or CRM. Choose the medium for your message.

SMS Chatbots

Let bots do the work while you sleep. Build the bot that fits your customers’ needs, and leave you to do you.

SMS Survey

Customer feedback is invaluable. Don’t make customers work to give it to you. Set up an SMS survey with a few clicks.


Deploy a customizable autoresponder to greet incoming texts with a personalised message.

Call Whisper Message

Provide pre-call information before a call is connected. Messages can contain variable data from your database for extra context.

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