Why Pickle?

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Call Recording

The conversations with your customers are an invaluable mine of information. Record, store, transcribe, and retrieve voice calls in the cloud.

By recording calls generated by your marketing initiatives, you’ll gain a better understanding of your leads, which will help put your customers at the heart of your business operations. After reviewing the recordings, you’ll be able to improve customer service and enhance your sales techniques.

What’s included?

Smart Transcription

Keep a written record of your calls. Easy formatting for special patterns like phone numbers and digits, so you don’t need to be an Excel ninja.

Agent Monitoring

Sample your agents’ conversations to see if your customers are getting the service they need.

Customer Insights

Analyse your calls for keywords and phrases you care about. Identify and act on your customers’ needs even before they ask.

Lead Quality Scoring

Assess the quality of your business leads by analyzing the content of what was said.

Dispute Resolution

Stay ahead of problem customers. Keep past conversations to have a record in case of future disputes.

CRM Integration

Add transcriptions of past interactions to CRM of your choice. Nobody likes being asked something they’ve already provided.


No need to miss out on interactions just because the waiting time is too long. Leave your name and your number, and I’ll get back to you.

Simpler Training

Training new agents how to handle phone calls is a breeze with a library of past examples of stellar and not-so-stellar calls stored right in your MyPickle account.

Modern Record Keeping

Whether your business is small or large, you’ll need to be protected in the event of a customer complaint or legal action.

Capture Missed Details

You will never miss on any critical details shared by the customer. You can be fully engaged with the customers and take note later.

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How do I record my phone calls?

If you need to record phone calls for quality-assurance or legal purposes, you can enable call recording on your call flow using the MyPickle portal.

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