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The Small Business Virtual Phone Proves Change Can Be a Good Thing

At this point in our technology-driven revolution, the one constant you can count on changes.

The way we do things is constantly evolving, from making phone calls to surfing the internet to shopping for products. Communication has seen one of the most significant shifts, with the bulk of digital improvements focused on how we connect with others.

Also, if businesses can learn anything from past trends, it’s that failure to adapt to new and improved technology might make them fall far behind their competitors.

Granted, not all change is good, but advancements in the way we communicate - and a decrease in how much it costs us - prove that change really can be a great thing for business.

The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone

The way of doing business isn’t the only aspect that’s changing. People’s expectations of companies are also shifting, especially as new technology becomes available.

Customers are expecting more from businesses than ever before. We’re living in an age of ongoing connectedness and on-demand services. Customers don’t like to be kept waiting and expect companies to respond to queries promptly. They don’t want to wait until you’re back in the office to get resolution.

Because if you can’t help your customers when they need you, they’ll likely turn straight to your nearest competitor.

The cloud-based phone for small business puts the answer to many of your connectivity problems in the palm of your hand.

A small business virtual phone fills in the gaps left behind by your legacy system. You get powerful features like auto attendant, on hold messaging, voice mail transcription, conference calling, and more, all with on-the-go convenience for less than what you pay for a standard phone system.

Making a Business Case with a Small Business Virtual Phone System

Choosing a small business virtual phone isn’t just about keeping up with what’s new and trendy. Instead, look at the advancement of a business case:

Cloud-based phone systems give your business the flexibility you need, and your customers expect. It helps to level the playing field with larger competitors that are seemingly always available to serve customer needs.

Moreover, you’re no longer chained to a specific location to take care of business. This is arguably the most significant benefit of switching to a cloud-based system, as the business phone is often the only string that attaches you to a traditional work environment.

When you can take your business phone system anywhere you go, you no longer need an expensive physical office and all the overhead that comes with it. You can do your business on the road to broaden your service area while keeping costs low. It’s just good business sense, and it’s hard to ignore its potential.

Embracing Change to Grow Your Business

Is your legacy phone system still stuck in the past? Reach out today to learn more about upgrading to a small business virtual phone system.

At the very least, it will make your customers happy that they can reach you when they need you, and that might give you more reasons to smile, too.

Scott Bouquet

Head of Marketing at Think Pickle

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