Do You Really Need a 1300 Number? Take Our Four-Step Quiz to Know for Sure!

Lots of businesses use 1300 numbers, but should yours?

Regardless of what your company does, you need an easy way for customers to contact you. You probably already have a dedicated business phone number, but you might be wondering if a 1300 number would be more beneficial.

1300 numbers do have their advantages, but truth be told, they’re not right for every business. Consider the following four use cases for 1300 numbers so you won’t spend more than you should:

1 - Do You Have Clients Calling from Different Cities or Countries?

Some businesses deal strictly with a local market, so a local phone number makes the most sense. However, if you have customers calling you from different parts of the country or world, you’d be doing them a favour by offering a 1300 number.

1300 numbers create a broader appeal to your business, showing you cater to more than just your local market. It also gives callers using a landline a free way to get in touch instead of calling long distance.

2 - Do You Want to Increase Call Volume?

1300 numbers are usually associated with larger enterprises, but small businesses are using them to appear larger and boost their competitiveness. It can be a useful tool to increase the number of calls you receive if customers can perceive you like a more prominent company, which can translate into more sales.

Besides, 1300 numbers tend to be more easily memorised than local numbers. Some companies choose specific numbers that they can spell out into words (e.g. the number to an auto dealership might be 1300-Get-A-Car). You can use your 1300 number as a marketing tool and support your brand at the same time.

3 - Do You Offer Customer Support via Phone?

If you encourage customers to call you for support, you should have a 1300 number. Toll-free phone numbers give off a customer-friendly vibe, making your company seem accessible to the caller.

4 - Do You Want Your Business to Seem Professional?

If you want to give your company image a boost, a 1300 number can help. These numbers aren’t for casual users. Instead, they add a sense of professionalism and legitimacy to your company, helping to build trust with your audience.

Bottom Line: Do You Need a Toll-Free Number?

Do any of the above factors apply to your business? If so, you might find that a 1300 number offers enough benefits to justify the cost.

If you’re considering a 1300 number, think Pickle! Reach out today and let us help you choose the right plan to take your business to the next level.

Nick Younan

CEO and Co-Founder at Think Pickle.

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