How a Cloud-Based Phone System Will Change Your Business for the Best

Business phone systems for small businesses are rarely dull. Not only are they complicated to set up, but they also infrequently scale with changing business needs. In some cases, a corrupt phone system may cause more communication issues than it solves!

Choosing a small business phone system is complicated enough, and now cloud-based phone systems are adding more choices to the mix. However, the good news is that cloud-based communications are solving many of the problems left behind by traditional phone systems, so all the stress you’ve experienced before could soon be a thing of the past.

Consider the following benefits of a cloud-based phone system in your small business:

No Hardware to Maintain

With cloud-based phone systems, there are no clunky boxes to maintain. You don’t need a whole separate closet for your connections and wires, nor are you limited as to where you can place phones in your office.

All the workings of the phone system exist in the digital world. As long as your phone is connected to the internet, you can receive calls.

This is excellent news for businesses on a budget, considering you usually have to call a phone technician to maintain your hardware or fix communication issues. These service calls can get expensive, especially if there’s a severe problem that needs fixing.

The cloud phone system lets you use an online portal to manage your phone system - no technical expertise required. Within minutes, you can set up an entire call flow for your business, create prompts for specific extensions, and set up separate voice mail accounts for your employees.

This not only gives you less hassle, but it also helps your business appear larger and more professional.

Sophisticated Calling Features

Cloud-based phone systems offer all the same critical business features that traditional PBX systems provide - and more!

A single phone number, customizable greetings, voice mail accounts, call routing, and call logs are just a few of the most common features. Many cloud-based solutions will offer upgraded components like on hold messaging, IVR, or auto attendants. These features are highly desirable but are usually too complicated or expensive with standard phone systems.

Virtual Capabilities

Cloud-based phone systems are managed in the digital world through a user portal. You can log in from anywhere and make changes to your phone system at any time, even when you’re travelling.

This virtual capability allows you and your team to reduce missed calls and keep business going, whether you’re in the office or on the road. Customers call your main business number without having to worry about long distance or international charges, even if you’re out of the country.

Cloud-Based Phone System: The Smart Choice for Small Business

It’s hard to ignore the simplicity and sophistication of a cloud-based phone system compared to a traditional solution. They’re easy to set up, less expensive to maintain and don’t require any technical expertise to use. However, most importantly, you get more features and functionality that can ensure the business can keep going.

Are you tapping into the benefits of the cloud-based phone system for your small business? We’re making it easy to make the switch!

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Nick Younan

CEO and Co-Founder at Think Pickle.