NBN Preparation: Is Your Lift Ready for Next-Level Communications?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is touted as the best upgrade in the Australian telecommunications industry in years. This initiative, led by the Federal Government, equips citizens with high-speed internet access to be rolled out over the coming months.

Access to the fibre network will become available on a region by region basis. Once it’s available in your area, you’ll have up to 18 months to switch your landline phone and internet service to the high-speed network.

The NBN rollout is welcomed news in many regards but can pose complications that many businesses aren’t anticipating.

Along with ensuring you switch your existing communication services, businesses with lifts must also provide their emergency phones are also prepared for this upgrade. Emergency phone systems that are not migrated off the copper network could put occupants at risk during times of need.

How to Prepare Your Lift for the NBN Rollout

To be clear, the lift itself is not part of the NBN. However, the building owner is responsible for ensuring that communication systems within the elevator, including emergency telephones and fire alarms, are correctly migrated to reflect the new service.

Since Australia is rolling out access to the fibre network by region, it’s essential that you first check to see when your area will be considered NBN ready. This website allows you to check NBN readiness by address.

Once your area has been declared “ready”, building owners can partner with their elevator company to explore solutions. Presently, some companies are offering single and dual sims, but it is expected that lift codes will change shortly and all businesses will be required to upgrade to dual sims.

It’s likely in your best interest to invest in dual sims now so that your lift will be up to code in the future when new requirements are in place. In addition to predicting industry shifts, having a dual sim now removes the need to rely on a single sim card in the event of a telco outage. This gives your phones a better chance at performing optimally at all times.

Is Your Lift NBN Ready?

The NBN is bringing much-needed and much-desired change to how communications are performed in Australia, but the rollout will only be successful if businesses and residents are adequately prepared.

One of the most significant benefits is the elimination of any confusion with Telco companies and lift companies regarding the responsibility of faulty phones. It will no longer be a matter of determining whether an issue is with the phone line or the lift itself. Instead, now technicians can swap out sim cards with ease and immediately determine where the problem lies.

However, most importantly, this upgrade will allow for more efficient communications so that any lift users can gain more peace of mind for their safety.

Have you got questions? Reach out today to learn how you can get your lift NBN compliant before the deadline!

James Puata

Head of Strata

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