Small Business Virtual Phone System: Why It’s the Office of the Future

The office environment is changing. Many small businesses and one-person shows are trading expensive office spaces for co-working desks or home setups. Marketing is becoming more competitive as DIY options increase, and costs decrease. Moreover, the traditional business phone system is being replaced by the small business virtual phone system that’s cheaper, less complicated, and more powerful.

As businesses continue to look for ways to decrease their overhead, the virtual phone system will become a significant player in the office of the future.

Let’s look at the current office landscape and how improved communications will continue to shape it in the future:

How the Traditional Office Has Evolved

Just a decade ago, the standard office looked and functioned much as it has for the past fifty years or more:

Employees drove from their homes to the office each day. They had dedicated workspaces, complete with a phone, filing cabinet, and eventually a computer. For each employee, businesses were faced with massive overhead costs in terms of space and materials.

Now fast forward to 2019, where companies are shrinking their physical footprint in every sense of the word.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for many offices to have remote workers at least part of the time. This has drastically cut down on the need for office space, and all the overhead that comes with it. Employees are bringing their own devices, including mobile phones, for business purposes. Employees can do their job from home just as efficiently and effectively as they can at the office.

The entire office environment as we know it is experiencing a renaissance and technology is leading the charge. Cloud-based advancements like virtual phone systems make it easier than ever to downsize your space while increasing your service to your customers, and business owners who have already discovered these advantages aren’t looking back.

Benefits to the Small Business Virtual Phone System

Thanks to solutions like the small business virtual phone system, companies no longer need to shell out big bucks to have a place to do business. With a cloud-based system, you can work remotely and rent office space for meetings on a case-by-case basis while enjoying all the same benefits as having an expensive workplace:

  • 1300 business phone number
  • Professional auto attendant to greet callers and route requests
  • Top-shelf voice mail, including transcribing messages into texts
  • Easily managed settings through a virtual portal
  • Call forwarding to cell phones, so you and your team never miss a call
  • No maintenance or expensive upkeep
  • Ability to scale with your business
  • One low monthly bill for predictable costs

So since all activities take place in the cloud, you get all of the inherent advantages that come with it: no on-site equipment, no technical expertise, and reliability every step of the way.

What to Expect Moving Forward

As critical business components like the small business virtual phone system continue to grow in sophistication, the office as we once knew it would continue declining. Why pay more for “the way it’s always been done” if you can get similar functionality without sacrifice at a lower price?

Business is an ever-changing landscape, and trends tend to shift quickly. Successful small business owners understand that in order to compete with larger companies, they need to stay ahead of the technology curve that can help them earn an advantage.

As for the small business virtual phone system, adoption rates continue to climb, giving every reason to believe that the future is already here.

Are you taking advantage of modern phone solutions? Talk to us today to learn how you can get ahead of your competitors and start taking advantage of the office of the future.

Nick Younan

CEO and Co-Founder at Think Pickle.

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