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Onboard and activate customers with targeted outbound engagement for growth. We call it Simply Smart!

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Smart, Scalable, dynamic solutions to meet your needs.

Think Pickle’s Customer Engagement Solution can help you to deliver exceptional customer service whilst still operating an efficient and lean operation.

Whether you’re looking to Increase sales, onboard new users or grow faster with powerful business tools that deliver, you will be thrilled with the automation features when it comes to call-handling, not to mention simply awesome features to help you create better customer engagement experiences.

Our Customer Engagement Solution can be easily set up with a 1300, 1800, Mobile, Local or even a 13 number, If you have a problem, then we have the Solution!

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Key features

Think Pickle’s goodie jar inclusive of real-time tools, rich insights and much much more put you in the driver’s seat. Let us help with the heavy lifting so you can get back to running your business.

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What makes our customer engagement solution different?

Build a call flow that works for you, it’s an easy Drop and Drag!

Put a plan in place to efficiently manage all of your incoming calls and complex business scenarios. Show customers your a Big Dill, It’s smart and easy to set up.

Route incoming calls to any individual or group of employees. Ideal for customer service, sales departments, help desks and appointments. Customers won’t hear an engaged tone again.

Custom Hold Message

Say goodbye to boring elevator music, hit the DJ decks and create your own music track or record a custom greeting detailing info about your business; new products, special offers and more.

Call Voice Tagging

Specify an audio message—a voice tag like “Sales” or “Support”—to identify callers based on the number or the extension they dialled.

Easy to remember, easy to call.

Custom phone numbers help customers remember and reinforce your product, service or slogan. It also expands your brand visibility and increases marketing effectiveness. Winning!

Custom Local/Mobile Numbers

Enhance your brand visibility with a memorable number that reinforces that you’re a local, trustworthy business. More

Custom 1300/1800 Number

Establish a nationwide presence with an easy-to-remember number. Select Reap the benefits and build your brand. More

You can keep your existing number.

Get all the benefits of Pickle with your existing phone number.


Number Porting

Already have a great number that your customers have memorised? Don’t stress We’ll guide you through the simple process of transferring your existing number to Pickle.

Bulk Number Porting

Want to bring more than one number with you? No worries. We’ll have a Pickle Porting party and port them all at once. It’ll be Simply Awesome.

“I never miss a call,” said no one ever.

Every extension in your Pickle account has its own unique voicemail box. You decide how you want to get your messages.


Traditional Voicemail

Log in from anywhere and listen to your voicemail messages directly in your online Pickle account. The voicemail you know and love….

Voicemail to Email

Get notifications of new voicemail via text message or an email with the voicemail attachment. This comes in handy more than you think.

Voicemail Transcription

Have your voicemail messages transcribed to text and then emailed or sent by SMS to you. Because sometimes it’s just easier to read when you feel like it.

Now that’s Apptastic!

Easy automation for busy people. Pickle can communicate between your web apps automatically so that you can focus on the important work. Connect your apps and automate workflows. Try out these integrations to make tracking your calls even more straightforward.



Connect the apps you use everyday to automate your work and be more productive. 1500+ apps and easy integrations - get started in minutes. Learn More


Pipe call data into your customer data platform with Segment events. Use Segments to connect Pickle with dozens of tools your team uses like Google Ads, Trello, Slack, Twist, JIRA, Salesforce, and many more. Learn More

Custom API

We can also offer custom APIs and integrations

Give your customers something worth listening to.

Sound professional from the very first call with top-rated voice talent and a range of hold music options that won’t make you think you’re in an elevator.

Professional Recordings

Give your business a professional voice with everything from script consultation, voice talent, licensed music, studio production, we even offer ongoing support.

International Reach

The fastest, most reliable and efficient voice over platform with 500+ actors who, combined, speak over 7 languages and dialects.

It may be our platform, but you’re always in the driver’s seat.

Even though our features are powerful, we’ve designed them to be simple and easy to use. When in doubt Pickle is always on hand to help.
Intuitive Web Interfaces

Our user-friendly design lets you configure and manage over 100 Pickle features with a few simple clicks. After all, we haven’t forgotten you’ve got a business to run.

Instant Provisioning

Sign up and you’re ready to work. Even with new phone numbers. In fact, it’ll take you longer to make a cappuccino than it does to be up and running with our ring-ready phones. While your up, I have milk with two sugars.

Phone Support

Not that you’ll need our help, but if you do, our dedicated Australian staff is available to assist. Our customer service agents are always ready to support all your configuration needs. We’ve got your back in business.

Set it and forget it.

Set your phone to route calls exactly how you want. It’s your gatekeeper and it never takes a day off.


Route incoming calls to different numbers, extensions, greetings, menus and more, based on the day and time a call is received.

Find-Me Follow-Me

Direct calls to single or multiple phone numbers and have them ring all at once or one after the other you choose.

Gain new insight into your customers and employee call history.

Want to improve efficiency and productivity? We thought so who doesn’t. Dig into a wealth of intel about your customers’ calling behaviour right in the Pickle Portal.

Caller Analytics

Analyse calls and gain insight to your callers’ call patterns. See caller breakdown, demographics, social profile and mobile provider. This is Big Brother.

Call Recordings

Monitor, review and save calls to your account to improve performance and enhance customer service capabilities. You voicemails are all stored for 3 months right in the Pickle Portal.


Easily create a stand alone Permanent URLs (Permalink) for all your phone numbers and user extentions in a few clicks. These URL’s can be made accessible with a private permalink.

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