The NBN Lift Phone Solution

Pickle specialises in Lift, Alarm and Moniorting solutions for Strata buildings

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Did you know as the rollout of the NBN is deployed throughout Australia, the old Telstra copper network is being decommissioned. This means that services like traditional phone lines and ADSL are going to be switched off.

For instance, many lift emergency telphones may stop working. Eeek. You may be required to upgrade cabling and hardward which can be expensive and time-consuming. Don’t sweat and Pickle is here to take away your stress. Pickle strata offers an easy, seamless solution to this problem.

Our system is easily installed and ensures that your lift emergency phone is always connected to the outside world, that should get you out of a Pickle!

Our solution has no upfront fees, utilises a simply awesome mobile network with multiple backups and fast response times. We even maintain equipment for life, register your phone and monitor 24/7. In the event of a power outage, our phone keeps working, unlike the NBN…

So, lets take a look at how Pickle Strata compares to the major Telcos.

What can Pickle do for your buildings?

Lift Lines
Pickle’ Emergency Lift Phone PSTN Replacement powered by Pixel replaces the need for PSTN and meets the required standards.
Fire Panel Lines
Pickle’ fire alarm monitoring lines are used by building that require reliable, centralised monitoring of fire alarm systems when the nbn comes your way.
Duress Connections and Safe Points
Our reliable and easy to use emergency telephones are one of the most vital pieces of safety equipment used in any building.

Support for Mobile and Fixed Networks
Pickle is able to provide dual carrier connectivity with voice, SMS, and data connectivity for services, that is high quality--often known as carrier grade.
Lift Monitoring
Pickle will monitor your lift telecommunications 24/7 and alert you when there is an issue with your emergency phone line.
Equipment Maintenance
Pickle keeps your equipment running at optimum working condition minimises the risk of having unscheduled downtime.


  • Battery back-up supply, up to 4 hours talk time.
  • Automatic fault notifications and remote management
  • Professional on-site installation and maintenance
  • Self-testing and reporting in accordance with EN: 81-28 standard
  • Designed to operate line powered telephones
  • SMS and voice communication with gain control
  • Compatible with emFONE and ACMA approved telephones as used by major lift manufacturers
  • Durable, self-contained wall cabinet


  • Reliability – addresses the problem of the nbn not functioning in the event of power outages
  • Capability – allows dual-SIM providing extra protection in the event of mobile network outages
  • Certified – meets ACMA standards
  • Monitoring – 24/7
  • No changes to internal lift cabin required
  • Near instant updates – through SMS/email alerts, with the health of the device checked every 60 seconds
  • Detailed reporting dashboard

Why Choose Pickle?

Major Telcos
Installation fees
Multiple trades
Long wait times
No dedicated tech support
You need to do all the work
Who monitors the lines?
No upfront fees
Mobile network + backups
Fast response times
We maintain equipment for life
Register your phone
Monitor 365 days, 24/7

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