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NBN Lift Phone and lift phone requirements in Australia will change with the introduction of the NBN. Traditional copper lift phone, and with rollout of the NBN throughout Australia, the old Telstra copper lift phone lines are being decommissioned. This means that services like traditional phone lines and ADSL services are going to be switched off.

For instance, many lift emergency telephones may stop working. Eeek. And all Strata buildings will be required to upgrade cabling and hardware which can be expensive and time-consuming. Don’t sweat Think Pickle is here to take away your stress. Pickle strata offers an easy, seamless solution to the NBN and lift phones problem.

Our wireless lift phone system and hardware unit from Pixel lift phones is easily installed and ensures that your lift emergency phone is always connected to the outside world via 3 x A Grade mobile networks. , it’s the only nbn lift phone solution you need. That should get you out of a Pickle.

The Think Pickle 4g lift phone solution has no upfront fees, utilises a simply awesome mobile network with multiple backups and fast response times. We even maintain equipment for life. Your Lift mobile phone numbers and Lift Phone numbers can be all mamanged in your Pickle Portal in real time. Register your phone and monitor 24/7. In the event of a power outage, our phone keeps working, unlike the NBN.

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What does migration to the nbn mean for building owners/managers?

To ensure the safe migration of fire indicator panel and emergency lift phones, you should register your building with nbn. All unregistered services that are still using certain existing networks may be disconnected on their respective disconnection dates, and will stop working.

In most cases, the existing copper networks will be disconnected six months from when the nbn™ network is made available in your area. To minimise any break in service continuity for your emergency telephone lines for lifts, Think Pickle and nbn recommend you register your building with nbn now.

Register Now

How to register with nbn

To register your building with nbn, visit the nbn Fire and Lift Register.

By registering your building, you are helping to minimise any break in service continuity for your emergency telephone lines. Registering your building is quick and easy but you will need to have the following information handy when you register:

  • Your role and contact details;
  • The building’s address;
  • Number of floors, lifts, fire emergency panels;
  • ATMs and connected vending machines (if applicable*);
  • The telephone numbers which relate to each of these services; and If your building is part of a body corporate or strata plan, please also have those details handy.

Why Choose Think Pickle?

Major Telcos
Installation fees
Multiple trades
Long wait times
No dedicated tech support
You need to do all the work
Who monitors the lines?
Think Pickle
Leased & outright options
All mobile networks + NBN
Fast response times
We maintain equipment for life
Register your phone
Monitor 365 days, 24/7

Lift Emergency Phone and Regulations

So you’re interested in more details on lift emergency phone regulations Australia.

Almost one in every two properties in Australia has access to the NBN™. Once your building or site has an active NBN™ connection your lift emergency phone line technology will not operate during a network outage. Your building will no longer meet the Australian Standard for lift telephones and you may be in breach of Workplace Health & Safety legislation, placing your elevator passengers at serious risk. The emergency lift phone pstn replacement from Think Pickle is an essential feature of your lift’s safety system, enabling passengers to call for help in the event of an emergency.

Make sure you are not in breach of your lift emergency phone regulations when it comes to lift emergency phone nbn and your concerns. IF in doubt the team at Think Pickle are already serving many of the large Strata title companies in Australia with a successful launch of the Pickle Strata Solution with Bright and Duggan who are already trusting ThinkPickle with 100’s of lifts, so you know you’re in good hands.

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