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What are 1800 numbers?

1800 phone numbers are virtual business numbers designed to give Australian business like yours better control over your inbound call flows. While the features and benefits are the same as 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers are essentially free-call numbers, meaning callers are not charged when dialing from any fixed line in Australia, this means your playing the big game!

Did you know that 1800 numbers are also widely recognised as toll-free business numbers? By giving callers the option of free calls, 1800 numbers are great for promoting your business, they are also great when it comes to marketing both for short-term campaigns or ongoing events.

Control your numbers in the Pickle Portal and route incomming calls to redirect to one or more answerpoints based on the needs of your business.

So in short 1800 numbers are toll free when someone calls your business, they can be random digits or even words – numbers that use words (like 1800 FLOWER) are called phone words.

So get your busienss a 1800 numbers and you mean buiness!

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The benefits

Pushing for the extra edge over your competitors.

1800 numbers are a fantastic tool for businesses who want to decrease the cost and increase the likelihood that a customer will call them. They are commonly used for large companies, call centres, support centres, charities and many more.

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  • Nothing says “national presence” like a toll-free number.
  • Add your company name to your business number with a toll-free phone word number (1800-PICKLE)
  • Forward your calls to your landline or mobile phone.
  • Your customers will love your toll-free number. We promise.
  • Measure and report easily on call trends and operational performance.

How to get a 1800 number:

Pickle makes it easy to start using your 1800 number right away.

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Search for an available 1800 number on the number lookup tool or obtain a phone word quote.

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