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What are virtual local numbers?

A Local Number is an inbound number service that makes it easy for your business to reach out to customers outside your local area. As virtual ‘local’ numbers, these help you to appear more local all while capturing a national market. The best part is the rates are the same based on all Local calls to any city in Australia— regardless of where your business is located.

The phone numbers used to dial your Local Number service are called Direct In Dial (DID) numbers. The best part is you can select these DID number in any state or region in Australia, and route all calls to a single office all in your My Pickle Portal. So if you’re located in Brisbane, you’re not limited to using (07) numbers. You can still run your advertising your local DIDs and attract more customers as your target customers from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Did you know that customers feel more comfortable dialling a local phone number for local products and services than they would an unrecognisable area or a national company?

A Pickle Virtual Local Number is the easiest way to get a local business number in any city of your choice – whether you live there or not!

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The Benefits

Make the extra connection with your customers.

Customers feel more comfortable dialling a local phone number for local products and/or services than they would an unrecognisable area or a national company.

  • Give your business a trusted feel that appeals to local customers.
  • Establish a local presence in multiple cities by adding more local numbers.
  • Forward your calls to your landline or mobile phone.
  • Keep work and personal calls separate, even if you’re using the same phone.
  • Expand your market reach.

How to get a local number:

Pickle makes it easy to start using your local number right away.

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Search for an available local number on the number lookup tool or obtain a phone word quote.

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