Take your calls here, there or just about anywhere.

Get your landline online or even make it mobile with pickle in your pocket. We can move your phone off your desk and into our cloud so that you stay connected, anywhere you are and wherever you go, all in one simply awesome smartphone app.

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Take control of your calls All In One virtual phone system designed for your business.

pickle’s business phone system is a full-featured virtual PBX hosted in our cloud that can free you from the limits of a landline using the latest VoIP technology. With no hardware to setup or software to install, our All In One solution connects the existing phones, mobiles and computers used in your business right now in a cost-saving flexible phone system for both inbound and outbound calls that’s gonna be Simply Awesome.

Add the All In One solution with any of our 1300 and Local Numbers.

What you see is what you get

If you want a virtual Aussie local, national, mobile, 13, 1300 or 1800 phone number with enhanced features for complete control of your inbound business calls – or if you need an all-in-one VoIP PBX business phone system hosted in our cloud for making calls and taking calls – think pickle and uncover the business phone solution that’s right for you, it’s as easy as.

Watch our video for a taste of what pickle has to offer. See for yourself how our business phone system and call solutions could work for you and your growing business.

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Phone system pricing

pickle’s hosted phone system is a full-featured Virtual PBX hosted in our cloud that can free you from the limits of a landline using the latest VoIP technology.

Phone System
A flexible voice solution that’s easy to set up and manage. The basics to get your team talking:
Unlimited inbound calls (toll-free excluded)
Unlimited outbound calls domestic** (landline and mobile)
Hunt Group
Phone support
Ready-Ring IP Phones
Critical Information Summary
Most Popular
Call Centre
Advanced solution to help boost productivity and performance
Unlimited inbound calls (toll-free excluded)
Unlimited outbound calls domestic** (landline and mobile)
Call Queues
Call recording
Ready-Ring IP Phones
Advanced analytics
Dedicated account manager
Live call monitoring

The future is coming All In One solution!

Simply Awesome features with every user extension.

Having things done your way is the norm these days, and why not you deserve it. So give everyone the ability to work the way that’s most effective for them.



Every extension in your pickle account has its own voicemail box. Manage and listen to messages online, or have them conveniently emailed as an MP3 attachment.


Personalise your phone system with audio greetings, messages, music, menus and voices by uploading your own audio files.

Find-Me Follow-Me

Your calls get to you no matter where you are. Route calls to a single number, or have multiple phone numbers ring all at once, or one after the other. It’s your call. No pun intended.

Call Logs

View all incoming, outgoing and missed calls to your Pickle number(s). Completely trackable and filterable in the Pickle Portal.


Every user extension comes with its own HD conference bridge for multiple participants. Moderator controls let you start, end, mute and lock a conference. Can you feel the power?

Address Book

Easily import, sync and manage your business contacts. You can even route calls to contacts. Everything is at your fingertips.

“I never miss a call,” said no one ever.

Every extension in your pickle account has its own unique voicemail box. So you decide how and when you want to get your messages.


Traditional Voicemail

Log in from anywhere and listen to your voicemail messages directly in your online pickle account. The voicemail you know and love.

Voicemail to Email

Get notifications of new voicemail via text message or an email with the voicemail attachment. This comes in handy more than you think.

Voicemail Transcription

Have your voicemail messages transcribed to text and then emailed or sent by SMS to you. Because sometimes it’s just easier to read them when you feel like it.

Reject call - I’m a little busy right now.

In a business meeting, out at a romantic dinner with your spouse or someone else, or In the middle of your highest score on Angry Birds? We all have our reasons to keep unwanted calls from ruining the moment.

Call Blocking

Block incoming calls from unwanted callers, unknown numbers or certain area codes. Your phone won’t even ring. Also, block outgoing calls to international numbers.

Do Not Disturb

We get it, sometimes you just don’t want to be disturbed so, at the press of a button, this feature sends calls directly to voicemail or routes them to the next call handling rules set by you.

Call Screening

Hear an audio pre-screening of an incoming call, empowering you to accept or reject it with the press of a button. You’re always in control.

Set it and forget it.

Set your phone to route calls exactly how you want. It’s your gatekeeper and it never takes a day off.


Route incoming calls to different numbers, extensions, greetings, menus and more, based on the day and time a call is received.

Find-Me Follow-Me

Direct calls to single or multiple phone numbers and have them ring all at once or one after the other you choose.

Gain new insight into your customers and employee call history.

Want to improve efficiency and productivity? We thought so who doesn’t. Dig into a wealth of intel about your customers’ calling behaviour right in the pickle Portal.

Caller Analytics

Analyse calls and gain insight to your callers’ call patterns. See caller breakdown, demographics, social profile and mobile provider. This is Big Brother.

Call Recordings

Monitor, review and save calls to your account to improve performance and enhance customer service capabilities. You voicemails are all stored for 3 months right in the Pickle Portal.


Easily create a stand alone Permanent URLs (Permalink) for all your phone numbers and user extentions in a few clicks. These URL’s can be made accessible with a private permalink.

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