Whats a Toll Free Number?

Does your customer know how to find you – fast?

Every business needs a way for clients to contact them. When you’re starting out, it’s fine to use your mobile or existing landline—but as you grow, it might not be enough…

Toll-free numbers are a very handy tool for growing businesses. To help our Pickle pals expand their empire, we’re sharing everything you need to know about toll-free numbers - and getting one at a reasonable price!

What is a toll-free number?

Free for your callers to contact you with a toll-free number (a 1800 number). Instead of a cost on your client, the owner of the phone number foots the bill. Your 1800 number is toll free, but some charges may still apply – entirely depending on your customer’s context (e.g. if they’re calling from a mobile phone and it’s not part of their plan).

Toll-free numbers work the same as any other phone number—with a few added benefits for business owners. A toll-free number can: • save your customers money • increase their confidence to call your business • make your operation look more professional! • you seem like a big deal!

What are the different types of toll-free numbers?

Don’t worry – though there are many options, they all do one thing: make your calls toll-free! Your 1800 number is free for your customers, no matter what format it’s in. There are no differences in what these numbers do or mean—unless you’re aiming for Phone Words…

What is a Phone Words?

Let’s make it personal, with a customised business phone number! A Phone Word is a phone number that also spells out a word.

Think back to the days before smart phones, when letters and numbers on a phone keypad were intertwined. Many businesses and brands use Phone words as a creative way to help customers remember their numbers - with proven results!

Because there are only so many number combinations to create relevant words, vanity numbers can be a bit harder to find—but they work! Like an advertisement with a catchy jingle, it will probably get stuck in your head (which is exactly what you want). Customers are more likely to remember you, and that’s good for business!

__How do I Phone Word? __

To get a Phone Word, start by brainstorming words that are relevant to your business or industry. For example, a florist might pick 1800 FLOWERS, or a pizza shop might pick 1800 PIZZA.

of course, a lot of the obvious ones might already be taken, so it’s important to be creative—but make sure it still makes sense to your customers.

To check 1800 number availability, you can use our custom search tool here.

Do toll-free numbers work internationally?

Yes, they can! But because the business owner is the one who pays for the call, many businesses block overseas callers and it can get expensive. As an alternative, you might provide a local number for overseas customers to call. You can also get international toll-free numbers with additional country codes to countries that have adopted the freephone system.

How do I get a 1800 number in Australia?

Wondering how to get 1800 number? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Think Pickle, we can help you with all your business number needs.

Scott Bouquet

Head of Marketing at Think Pickle

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