Top 6 Phone Greeting Tips For Businesses

Top 6 Phone Greeting Tips For Businesses

Say hello to better business!

No, really. Say ‘Hello!’ – and pay attention to how you say it.

Quite often, a phone call is your first interaction with a customer: your first (and maybe only) chance to knock their socks off and score the sale.

You want to exude professionalism, leaving no doubt in their mind that you are the best person for the gig, or like us here Pickle, Simply Awesome and memorable. And how can you do that? By having a fantastic phone greeting, of course!

Every good business needs a great phone greeting.

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To help you gear-up your G’day and connect with your customers, we’re sharing our Top 6 Phone Greeting Tips for businesses.

1. Introduce yourself

professional recordings to introduce yourself

Let your customer know they’ve reached the right place! Saying your business name and introducing yourself will reassure the caller that they made the right connection. Knowing who they’re speaking to will help them feel connected, secure and safe to keep talking.

2. Use your voice

Use your voice

Speak up and make that sale! If your caller can’t hear you, they won’t connect with you. Make sure your voice is calm, clear and easy to hear – and try to reduce background noise, too!

3. Stay professional

Keep calm and stay professional

Remember: your customer called your business, not you personally! Try not to be hyperactive, overly familiar, dismissive or distractable. They’ve reached out to you for help or information, so remember your role and help the caller where you can.

4. KISS Keep It Short and Simple

Keep it short and Simple

Your time is valuable – your callers is too! Keep your greeting clear and concise, quickly getting the focus on your customer (where it should be!). Long, wordy phrases can overwhelm and confuse your customer, so make sure your language is simple and inclusive - avoiding jargon, buzz-words or slang.

5. Smile!

Don't forget to smile

You’re right, smiling feels strange when you’re not face-to-face. But research shows that clients can tell when they’re speaking to someone who is smiling —even on the phone. Hearing your smile encourages positive dialogue, putting callers in a better mood, and resulting in a more friendly interaction.

6. Use a professional phone system

Use a Professional Phone System

Power-up your point of contact with a profesional phone system—like ours.

Pickle’s Phone number services includes: • A 1800 number (toll free), virtual phone number or 1300 numbers • Call forwarding and call centre outsourcing • A customisable professional voice artist or mail greeting and phone answering services using pickles voice artists and call flows • And much, much more—with our Simply Awesome plans starting from just $10 with the Classic solution

Pickle Pals

Bonus for Pickle Pals: 3 Greetings that really work!

[company name]. This is [name]. How can I help you?” You can’t go wrong with this tried and tested phone greeting. It’s quick. It’s simple. And it lets the customer get to the point quickly—no point in wasting time if you don’t have to, right?

“Good [morning/afternoon/evening]. [Company name]. This is [Name].”

Again, this common phone greeting is timeless and fast—and it’s a little less formal than the previous greeting. It feels more conversational and personal, connecting from the first word. Special note: saying your name at the end means it’s the last thing they hear, and the first thing they remember – they can make a connection with you instantly.

“It’s a great day at [company name]. This is [name], how can I help you?”

Depending on your brand, you might like something a little more unique for your phone greeting. Because your customers are real people, your interactions should have personality!

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What’s the best phone greeting you’ve heard? Why did you like it? Whether you called a 1800 number, a 13 number or just called the shop down the road… Tell us in the comments!

Scott Bouquet

Head of Marketing at Think Pickle

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