It’s what you might be missing. Classic, simple & straight up

Our Classic solution is a customer support product so you never miss an opportunity again. It will empower your team to provide high-quality, consistent support to more customers in far less time. We call it a win-win!

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Classic support for your customers. Because first impressions last.

Our Customer Support Solution is designed to help your business provide quality customer support at scale. It will empower your team to provide high-quality, consistent support to more customers in far less time.

With added features like network IVR, area code routing, prefix routing, mobile location routing & call origin routing, your calls will end up just where you want them to go, and in far less time. Getting a support phone number for your business really couldn’t be easier when you put pickle to work.

Add this Classic solution with any of our 1300 or 1800 numbers and show you really mean business.

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Our Support Solution is designed to help your business provide quality customer support at scale. So for the little nerd in all of us why not download our product sheet for the Classic today. Did we mention It’s free, not to mention you will be well and truly in the know!

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It’s Simply Classic Support

Our Classic Support solution without all the fillings is excellent and starting at just $10 a month this Classic feature won’t break the bank.

1300 Classic
From $10/mo
Our 1300 number with locals call costs diverted to a single answer point is great start for Classic Support, not to mention you seem like a big deal.
Caller pays the price of a local call
Australia Wide Presence
Included Call Usage options
Free and Easy setup
Monthly Plan Options
$49 1300 Premium - Unlimted Calls
$10 1300 Local - $0 Local Calls
Critical Information Summary
Most Popular
1800 Classic
From $15/mo
Our 1800 number with free calls diverted to a single answer point removes barriers. Get that call first no matter where your customers are from.
Caller pays nothing
Australia wide presence
No lock-in contract
Free and Easy setup
Monthly Plan Options
$15 1800 PAYG - Per second billing
Critical Information Summary

It’s Classic, and you’ll love it!

Call Overflow

With Call overflow, you can direct your incoming calls to an alternative telephone number when the original telephone number is busy or not answered within 20 seconds. Calls can be overflowed up to three times, with a general Pickle recorded voice announcement on the final overflow. It is recommended that Pickle Voicemail be used as the final Call Overflow to ensure you never miss a call.
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Statutory Holidays

With a Pickle inbound service, you can set your service to divert on specified public holidays to an alternative answering location or message service. You name the holiday, we will look after the dates of that holiday each year.

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You can also set your service to divert on specified days or range of days to an alternative answering location for this year and the next. You provide the special dates and we will design your service to divert on those dates to the location you picked.

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Time & Day Routing

Lets you divert calls to alternative telephone numbers based on the time and day the call is made. For example, You can divert calls after hours to a mobile or to voicemail to ensure potential sales leads are captured. If your business has more than one office, such as in Sydney and Perth, you could have calls to Sydney diverted to Perth when the Sydney office closes, to take advantage of the time difference and effectively extend your trading hours. Calls can even terminate internationally if required.

Time and Day Routing can be put in multiple places in the service configuration. You may want Time and Day at the service level. Alternatively, you may want Time and Day routing at the store level (answer point). Time and Day routing can even happen after an IVR transaction.

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Pickle Analytics

Pickle Analytics is a call reporting tool that assists in identifying call handling times, location of incoming calls, call completion rates, etc in the form of maps, reports, charts, and graphs.

Two versions of Analytics are available – Online and a Monthly Statement. The Online offer provides a set of predefined, standard reports. These are a set of frequently requested reports in a format that cannot be changed. They have been set up to assist in conducting a query on your data plus some basic filtering.

The Monthly version offers additional pre-defined reports allows you to create customised reports, schedule regularly required reports and do call extracts (with the last 2 digits masked for privacy reasons).

Benefits of Pickle Analytics Online

  • You are able to use call data for market research and call analysis.
  • Staff management.
  • Monitoring call traffic statistics.
  • Monitoring operational costs.
  • Checking market trends.
  • Monitoring customer buying patterns.
  • Analysing the success/failure of marketing & sales campaigns


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