1300 Ultimate Guide

The 8 things you need to know

Before getting a 1300 number

What are 1300 Numbers?

Ten digit 1300 numbers are recognised around Australia and the world, as a number type that’s commonly used by Australian businesses. All 1300 numbers are ‘virtual numbers’ in that they get routed to a real number or answering point. When you get a 1300 number, you can choose to route the calls to either your landline or mobile number.

You can route a 1300 number to one answering point or a range of answering points. Most providers allow you to preset what calls go where when you setup your 1300 number. Because they’re virtual numbers, 1300 numbers are portable. This makes them a wise choice for businesses that have growing or changing needs.

Virtual 1300 numbers are only used for receiving calls and cannot be used to call out. That’s why they are also referred to as inbound numbers. Businesses use 1300 numbers to give a consistent point of contact – only one number Australia-wide. This also helps to save cost on advertising.

Ultimate 1300 Buyer’s Guide

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Normal Numbers

Normal Issue numbers have a random 6 digit number combination after the 1300 prefix. They are typically less appealing number combinations with less rhyme or memorability. This makes them cheap or free to obtain.

Smart Numbers

Smart numbers are numbers that spell words, OR numbers that come in appealing patterns and easily remembered. There is usually a premium attached to buying these more sort-after number types.

Top 10 1300 Number Features

Lift Your Business Presence and Put Out a More Professional Image
Boost Marketing Campaigns and Gain an Edge on The Competition
Increase Brand Recall with Smartnumbers and Phonewords
Streamline Your Inbound Call Handling
You’re Free To Move Anywhere
Flexible Call Handling Options
Call Routing Flexibility
Geo-based Call Routing
Time Based Routing
Call Hunting

1300 Number Costs

There are 2 different parties to consider when talking about 1300 number costs.

First, what are the costs to the customer to call the number.

Second, what are the costs to the business that owns the number being called.

Cost to call a 1300 number (for customers)

When calling from any Australian landline, the caller is charged the standard local call rate. This is why inbound numbers are sometimes called ‘Local Call Numbers’.

A higher rate does apply for customers calling from a mobile. The cost to call 1300 numbers from mobiles are set by the caller’s own mobile service provider and will vary between carriers. Below are some publicly available 1300 call charges from various carriers in Australia.

On many plans their calls to 1300 numbers are included in bundles, but on their low cost plans the charges can be as follows: